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Architectural Photography

An Architectural Designer with nearly 20 years experience in the Architectural industry, producing a varied mix of building types across New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


I found it very interesting over the years how we tried to market and portray our finished buildings, both for the client and the manufactures of the materials we had meticulously detailed.

I’d always had an interest in photography, particularly travel and landscape. When I decided to move to New Zealand in 2012 I had to create a portfolio of my work, and as a designer my portfolio had to include images of the buildings I had worked on over the years. This proved difficult with the photographs my practice had obtained, so I took it upon myself to learn the art of Architectural photography for my own personal use.

This quickly escalated into a little bit of an obsession, and every building I completed in New Zealand was photographed by me from every angle conceivable, concentrating on the aspects and details which I had spent many hours perfecting in CAD and CGI’s.  

I now offer this photography service to the wider Construction Industry, as I believe I am well placed to meet any client's aspirations.

Gavin Gillson

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